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We are a live entertainment listening room that offers a catered selected menu.

If you are looking for more than a bite, Troy's strongly urges you to eat before you come. Our catering service provides a set amount of food via reservations.

All food provided by Diner's Delight.


We have a full service bar that specialize in vintage cocktails and martinis with a new wine list by the glass (6oz) & bottle.

A 20% gratuity will be added to parties of six or more.


Swing Era Musicians

All our martinis are made with Premium Alcohol with garnish.

Count Basie: Tequila, Triple Sec, papaya and cranberry juice

Cab Calloway: Gin shaken with a touch of dry vermouth

Benny Carter: Coconut Rum, Amarula and Hazelnut Liqueur, White Creme de Cacao with whipped cream

Charlie Christian: Vodka, Triple Sec, cranberry and lime juice

Jimmy Dorsey: Vodka, pure blood orange juice, triple Sec, rose's lime juice, and cranberry juice

Duke Ellington: Vodka, Kahlua, cappuccino liqueur, chilled espresso & a splash of cream

Benny Goodman: Vodka, Tuaca, Sour Apple Pucker & Triple Sec

Coleman Hawkins: Vodka, Godiva Chocolate and maraschino liqueur

Fletcher Henderson: Vodka, hot coffee, triple sec, Kamora & chocolate drops

Earl Hines: Vodka, Créme de menthe, Godiva Chocolate and Kamora

Johnny Hodges: Southern Comfort, Triple Sec and cranberry and orange juice

Dick Johnson: Cotton Candy Vodka, Blue Curacao and cream

Jay McShann: Rum, Triple Sec, maraschino cherry & lime juice

Glenn Miller: Vodka & Gin, Blue Curacao, Watermelon Pucker and lemon lime soda

Paul Whiteman: Vodka, Midori, Triple Sec, sweet n sour and pineapple juice

Ben Webster: Tequila & Kahlua shaken with a splash of cream

Fats Waller: Vodka, Grand Marnier, Triple Sec & blood orange juice

Art Shaw: Vodka,Frangelico, hazelnut and a touch of Kamora

Cozy Cole: Vodka,Grand Marnier, Godiva Chocolate and an orange slice

Chu Berry: Vodka, splash of cranberry, lemon lime soda & sweet n sour

Milt Hinton: Cruzan Pineapple Rum, Triple Sec, white grape and lime juice

Jonah Jones: Maker's Mark Bourbon, DiSarrono and cranberry juice

Illinois Jacquet: Vodka, Midori, Lemon Liqueur, pineapple and lime juice

Woody Herman: Vodka, Bailey's, amaretto & a hint of pure cherry juice

Chubby Jackson: Gin, Sour Apple Schnapps with lemon lime soda and lime juice

Glen Grey: Brandy, sweet n sour & lemon juice

Billy Bauer: Gin, Grand Marnier and white grape juice

Bob Crosby: Vodka, grapefruit, cranberry juice and sweet n sour mix


Modern Innovator Musicians

All our cocktails are made with Premium Alcohol poured over ice.

Oscar Peterson: Vodka, lemon-lime soda, simple syrup and sour mix

Chet Baker: Tequila & chilled orange juice with a pinch of sugar

Dave Brubeck: Whiskey & lemon juice

Ornette Coleman: Orange, lemon, pineapple juice with a splash of club soda

John Coltrane: Vodka, Red Bull, Coke and pure cherry juice

Chick Corea: Vodka with cranberry juice, orange juice and apple juice

Miles Davis: Gin, Pineapple and orange juice and grenadine

Bill Evans: Brandy, Rum, Gin, and Triple Sec with orange & sweet vermouth

Gil Evans: Vodka, Kahlua & cream

Maynard Ferguson: Bourbon & pineapple juice

Dizzy Gillespie: Light Rum, Brandy, Amaretto, Triple Sec and orange juice

Chico Hamilton: Tequila, grenadine & orange juice

Herbie Hancock: Rum, pineapple juice, sweet n sour & bitters

Joe Harriott: Midori & sweet n sour

Thad Jones: Tequila, fruit punch juice & papaya juice with a splash grenadine

Wes Montgomery: Cognac & bailey's

Eddie Vinson: Dry gin, lemon & cherry juice

Cole Porter: Vodka & fruit punch soda

Kenny Burrell: Brandy, grape pucker and cranberry juice

Lionel Hamilton: Vodka or Gin, blue curacao, Sprite, cranberry juice & sweet sour mix


Ask server about daily selections from Martini/Cocktail lists for Jazz Jugs.


Early Jazz Musicians

All champagne cocktails are served with house champagne

Louis Armstrong: Champagne and red bull

Sidney Bechet: Champagne and Grand Marnier

Bix Beiderbecke: Champagne, Chambord, Vodka with cranberry juice

Buddy Bolden: Champagne, Malibu Rum and melon liqueur

Lannell Doss: Champagne, Blue Curacao, Triple Sec and hint of pineapple juice

Bunk Johnson: Champagne, Cointreau, and Vodka with orange juice

Nick LaRocca: Champagne & Cognac

Jelly Roll Morton: Champagne, Energy Drink, orange and cranberry juice

Joe "King" Oliver: Champagne, Gin, & white wine

Red Nichols: Champagne, Vodka, grapefruit and orange juice

Mimosa list

Bebop Jazz Musicians

Clifford Brown: Orange Juice

Paul Chambers: Cranberry

Kenny Clarke: Pineapple & Orange

Buddy DeFranco: Pear & Strawberry

Max Roach: Blood Cran-Orange

Jimmy Raney: Orange-Carrot

George Wallington: Lime

Sunny Stitt: Papaya

Lennie Tristano: Fruit Punch

Lou Levy: Grapefruit

Dodo Marmarosa: Grape


Liquored Beans list

Smooth Jazz Bands

All hot coffee drinks are served in mugs topped with whipped cream

3rd Force: Bourbon & Brandy

Acoustic Alchemy: Gin

Fourplay: Fine scotch & honey with a lemon slice

The Lounge Lizards: Tequila & kamora

Liquid Soul: Captain Morgan Rum & kamora

Mezzoforte: Southern Comfort & heavy cream

Incognito: Fine brandy & kahlua

Count Basic: Vodka, kamora & heavy cream

Opafire: 1843

Pieces of a Dream: Jack daniels

Liqueured Beans list

Smooth Jazz Vocalists

All hot coffee drinks are served in mugs topped with whipped cream

Sade Adu: Drambuie & Bailey's Irish Cream

Al Jarreau: Grand Marnier, Frangelico, Bailey's & Kahlua

Eliane Elias: Amaretto

Bebel Gilberto: Galliano & DiSarrono Amaretto

James Ingram: Godiva & Frangelico

Melody Gardot: Benedictine & heavy cream

Basia: Créme de Cocoa & Godiva

Ray Brown, Jr.: Kahlua

Diana Krall: Sambuca, Kamora & heavy cream

Patti Austin: Tuaca & Amaretto

Michael Franks: B&B & Chambord

Gigi Mackenzie: Créme de Menthe & Godiva

Liqueured & Liquored Beans list

Smooth Jazz Musicians

All hot coffee drinks are served in mugs topped with whipped cream

George Benson: Gin, Cointreau & Kahlua

Art Porter: Malibu Rum, Bailey's & dark créme de cocoa

David Sanborn: Scotch, Tia Maria, Bailey's & amaretto

Boney James: Vodka, Grand Marnier & Kahlua

Stanley Jordon: Southern Comfort, Godiva, dark rum & cream

Ryo Kawasaki: Maker's Mark & Sambuca

Marcus Miller: Remy Martin & Galliano

Steve Gadd: Christian Brothers, Kahlua & Grand Marnier

Wayman Tisdale: 1800, Frangelico & Bailey's

Herb Alpert: Hennessey & Godiva

George Duke: Jameson, Drambuie & Bailey's

Joe Sample: B&B, Seagram's 7 & bourbon