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We are a listening room, a live entertainment venue. If you are looking for more than a sip or drink, Troy's strongly urge you to eat before you come.

Troy's does not serve food on a daily bases, but any party/reservation with six (6) or more people can special order food off our printed catered menu. All special food orders need to be ordered two (2) days in advanced and paid in full of scheduled show or event. Depending on arrangements, customer may be charged additional fees.

Our catering service provides a set amount of food. Troy's DOES NOT ALLOW outside food to be brought into premise without verbal or written consent from Troy.

An additional 20% gratuity charge will automatically be added to bill for ALL special food orders.

All food provided by Diner's Delight.


We have a full-service bar that specialize in vintage cocktails, martinis, and wine by the glass (6oz) or bottle.

A 20% gratuity will be added to parties of six or more.


Swing Era Musicians

All our martinis are made with Premium Alcohol with garnish.

Count Basie: Tequila, Triple Sec, papaya and cranberry juice

Cab Calloway: Gin shaken with a touch of dry vermouth

Benny Carter: Coconut Rum, Amarula and Hazelnut Liqueur, White Creme de Cacao with whipped cream

Charlie Christian: Vodka, Triple Sec, cranberry and lime juice

Jimmy Dorsey: Vodka, pure blood orange juice, triple Sec, rose's lime juice, and cranberry juice

Duke Ellington: Vodka, Kahlua, cappuccino liqueur, chilled espresso & a splash of cream

Benny Goodman: Vodka, Tuaca, Sour Apple Pucker & Triple Sec

Coleman Hawkins: Vodka, Godiva Chocolate and maraschino liqueur

Fletcher Henderson: Vodka, hot coffee, triple sec, Kamora & chocolate drops

Earl Hines: Vodka, Créme de menthe, Godiva Chocolate and Kamora

Johnny Hodges: Southern Comfort, Triple Sec and cranberry and orange juice

Dick Johnson: Cotton Candy Vodka, Blue Curacao and cream

Jay McShann: Rum, Triple Sec, maraschino cherry & lime juice

Glenn Miller: Vodka & Gin, Blue Curacao, Watermelon Pucker and lemon lime soda

Paul Whiteman: Vodka, Midori, Triple Sec, sweet n sour and pineapple juice

Ben Webster: Tequila & Kahlua shaken with a splash of cream

Fats Waller: Vodka, Grand Marnier, Triple Sec & blood orange juice

Art Shaw: Vodka,Frangelico, hazelnut and a touch of Kamora

Cozy Cole: Vodka,Grand Marnier, Godiva Chocolate and an orange slice

Chu Berry: Vodka, splash of cranberry, lemon lime soda & sweet n sour

Milt Hinton: Cruzan Pineapple Rum, Triple Sec, white grape and lime juice

Jonah Jones: Maker's Mark Bourbon, DiSarrono and cranberry juice

Illinois Jacquet: Vodka, Midori, Lemon Liqueur, pineapple and lime juice

Woody Herman: Vodka, Bailey's, amaretto & a hint of pure cherry juice

Chubby Jackson: Gin, Sour Apple Schnapps with lemon lime soda and lime juice

Glen Grey: Brandy, sweet n sour & lemon juice

Billy Bauer: Gin, Grand Marnier and white grape juice

Bob Crosby: Vodka, grapefruit, cranberry juice and sweet n sour mix


Modern Innovator Musicians

All our cocktails are made with Premium Alcohol poured over ice.

Oscar Peterson: Vodka, lemon-lime soda, simple syrup and sour mix

Chet Baker: Tequila & chilled orange juice with a pinch of sugar

Dave Brubeck: Whiskey & lemon juice

Ornette Coleman: Orange, lemon, pineapple juice with a splash of club soda

John Coltrane: Vodka, Red Bull, Coke and pure cherry juice

Chick Corea: Vodka with cranberry juice, orange juice and apple juice

Miles Davis: Gin, Pineapple and orange juice and grenadine

Bill Evans: Brandy, Rum, Gin, and Triple Sec with orange & sweet vermouth

Gil Evans: Vodka, Kahlua & cream

Maynard Ferguson: Bourbon & pineapple juice

Dizzy Gillespie: Light Rum, Brandy, Amaretto, Triple Sec and orange juice

Chico Hamilton: Tequila, grenadine & orange juice

Herbie Hancock: Rum, pineapple juice, sweet n sour & bitters

Joe Harriott: Midori & sweet n sour

Thad Jones: Tequila, fruit punch juice & papaya juice with a splash grenadine

Wes Montgomery: Cognac & bailey's

Eddie Vinson: Dry gin, lemon & cherry juice

Cole Porter: Vodka & fruit punch soda

Kenny Burrell: Brandy, grape pucker and cranberry juice

Lionel Hamilton: Vodka or Gin, blue curacao, Sprite, cranberry juice & sweet sour mix


Ask server about daily selections from Martini/Cocktail lists for Jazz Jugs.


Early Jazz Musicians

All champagne cocktails are served with house champagne

Louis Armstrong: Champagne and red bull

Sidney Bechet: Champagne and Grand Marnier

Bix Beiderbecke: Champagne, Chambord, Vodka with cranberry juice

Buddy Bolden: Champagne, Malibu Rum and melon liqueur

Lannell Doss: Champagne, Blue Curacao, Triple Sec and hint of pineapple juice

Bunk Johnson: Champagne, Cointreau, and Vodka with orange juice

Nick LaRocca: Champagne & Cognac

Jelly Roll Morton: Champagne, Energy Drink, orange and cranberry juice

Joe "King" Oliver: Champagne, Gin, & white wine

Red Nichols: Champagne, Vodka, grapefruit and orange juice

Mimosa list

Bebop Jazz Musicians

Clifford Brown: Orange Juice

Paul Chambers: Cranberry

Kenny Clarke: Pineapple & Orange

Buddy DeFranco: Pear & Strawberry

Max Roach: Blood Cran-Orange

Jimmy Raney: Orange-Carrot

George Wallington: Lime

Sunny Stitt: Papaya

Lennie Tristano: Fruit Punch

Lou Levy: Grapefruit

Dodo Marmarosa: Grape


Liquored Beans list

Smooth Jazz Bands

All hot coffee drinks are served in mugs topped with whipped cream

3rd Force: Bourbon & Brandy

Acoustic Alchemy: Gin

Fourplay: Fine scotch & honey with a lemon slice

The Lounge Lizards: Tequila & kamora

Liquid Soul: Captain Morgan Rum & kamora

Mezzoforte: Southern Comfort & heavy cream

Incognito: Fine brandy & kahlua

Count Basic: Vodka, kamora & heavy cream

Opafire: 1843

Pieces of a Dream: Jack daniels

Liqueured Beans list

Smooth Jazz Vocalists

All hot coffee drinks are served in mugs topped with whipped cream

Sade Adu: Drambuie & Bailey's Irish Cream

Al Jarreau: Grand Marnier, Frangelico, Bailey's & Kahlua

Eliane Elias: Amaretto

Bebel Gilberto: Galliano & DiSarrono Amaretto

James Ingram: Godiva & Frangelico

Melody Gardot: Benedictine & heavy cream

Basia: Créme de Cocoa & Godiva

Ray Brown, Jr.: Kahlua

Diana Krall: Sambuca, Kamora & heavy cream

Patti Austin: Tuaca & Amaretto

Michael Franks: B&B & Chambord

Gigi Mackenzie: Créme de Menthe & Godiva

Liqueured & Liquored Beans list

Smooth Jazz Musicians

All hot coffee drinks are served in mugs topped with whipped cream

George Benson: Gin, Cointreau & Kahlua

Art Porter: Malibu Rum, Bailey's & dark créme de cocoa

David Sanborn: Scotch, Tia Maria, Bailey's & amaretto

Boney James: Vodka, Grand Marnier & Kahlua

Stanley Jordon: Southern Comfort, Godiva, dark rum & cream

Ryo Kawasaki: Maker's Mark & Sambuca

Marcus Miller: Remy Martin & Galliano

Steve Gadd: Christian Brothers, Kahlua & Grand Marnier

Wayman Tisdale: 1800, Frangelico & Bailey's

Herb Alpert: Hennessey & Godiva

George Duke: Jameson, Drambuie & Bailey's

Joe Sample: B&B, Seagram's 7 & bourbon