4519 Olive St. at Taylor, St. Louis, MO 63108 (314) 932-1120 Txt: (314) 324-6903


Please read this information. No event will take place without a signed contract or initial policy, which must be returned along with your deposit/rental to TROY'S JAZZ GALLERY by the date indicated on Rental Contract.


"Customer" is the person, cooperation, entity, organization, group or association contracting with Troy's Jazz Gallery/Troy L. Williams. "Venue" is the club TJG at 4519 Olive St., St. Louis, MO 63108. "Function" is a reception, party, meeting, banquet or other private party held at the Venue by the Customer.


No event will take place without a signed contract. A non-refundable deposit ("Deposit") equal to twenty-five percent (25%) of the total rental contract amount is required the date contract is issued. Payment in full is due no later than two weeks before the date of the Function. Failure to pay the balance due two (2) weeks prior to the date of the Function will result in cancellation of the Function and forfeiture of the Deposit.


Decorations are permitted for a Function. No open flames, including candles or other props. All helium filled balloons must be tied down at the entrance of the club. If not, we will ask that the balloons be removed from the Venue. All decorations must be approved at signing of contract with Troy's Jazz Gallery/Troy L. Williams. A One Hundred Dollar ($100.00) cleaning deposit will be required. This deposit will be refunded upon a walk through and approved by TJG/TLW. If Venue is not cleaned to the satisfaction of Troy's Jazz Gallery's staff, deposit will not be refunded.


All printed promotional material, including invitations, event tickets, programs, press releases, banners, and giveaways that include Troy's Jazz Gallery text or logo must have approval from Troy L. Williams before they are printed, distributed, or broadcast. If not approved, function may be cancelled by TJG/TLW and deposit shall be forfeited.


Rowdy, disruptive, or otherwise inappropriate behavior is not permitted. One warning will be given regarding inappropriate behavior. At the second occurrence the Customer maybe fined, asked to leave, and/or banned from future events at Troy's Jazz Gallery.


Troy's Jazz Gallery is not responsible for any damages or loss of articles or merchandise brought into the Venue. Items belonging to the Customer and guests are their own responsibility.


Troy's Jazz Gallery reserves the right to inspect and control all private functions. Customer agrees to be responsible for any damages to the venue.


Any decorations, displays, or entertainment must have prior approval from TJG/TLW. TJG/TLW is not responsible for deliveries of entertainment, merchandise, floral arrangements, etc. Arrangement for the delivery of these goods and services must be coordinated with TJG/TLW.


TJG/TLW is not responsible for moving, setting up, taking down any/rented equipment brought in for a Function. All rented items must be removed at the conclusion of Function. Absolutely no overnight leaving of equipment left at TROY's.


Area capacities listed on the rate sheet are based on fire code regulations and cannot be exceeded. TJG/TLW reserves the right to refuse admittance to guests exceeding these guidelines.


No music with derogatory or profane lyrics allowed at any Venue.


TJG/TLW can offer a wide variety of menu items from breakfast to dinner; both sit down and buffet style. Menus for events can be custom designed. No food can be brought to venue without consent of Troy L. Williams. Food orders must be placed at signing of contract. Outside desserts are allowed but will be charged a Forty Dollar ($40.00) service fee. No outside beverages of any kind will be permitted into TJG/TLW by Customer or their guests. All alcoholic beverages served at TJG/TLW are served under the State Liquor Laws. If detected, Function WILL be cancelled by TJG/TLW and Deposit WILL be forfeited.


All policies and conditions are subject to change without notice.


Please initial Troy's Jazz Gallery Policy which indicates that Customer understands and acknowledges rules and regulations.__________.