Throughout my experiences with the local Jazz scene, I have come across some of the most talented musicians in the Midwest which led me on a personal quest to find artists and promote their shows. After having conversations with dozens of musicians, I felt they were either dissatisfied or believed they had reached their potential. Even though the jazz scene is resurging and thriving as a primary form of entertainment in St. Louis, there is still room for more.

The showcases that I meticulously put together combine various musicians from different genres on one stage to create a musical masterpiece. After talking to several musicians about this idea, they expressed enthusiasm for the project feeling that it would propel them to the next level and take them out of their comfort zone of playing with their “own” band. In addition, this would be the perfect platform for them to perform original compositions. Again, I am not trying to reinvent jazz but trying to make the jazz scene more interesting than the norm. With this idea in mind, I present... A TROY L. WILLIAMS PIECE.